Wordy - F.A.Q

What is Wordy?

Wordy is an app that lets you add customl fields to your following store elements:

  • Products
  • Pages
  • Articles
  • Blogs
  • and Collections

When can I use Wordy?

There are several situations when Wordy can come in handy, here are few of those examples:

  • Add featured header or background images to internal pages without having to use multiple templates
  • Add multiple tabs to products if you are looking to organize product descriptions, specifications, etc.
  • Add videos or files to your products
  • Add different photo galleries to different pages

How do I use Wordy?

So first you will need to create the field you would like to add, let's say we would like to add a different header image for some of the internal pages.

1. create a new field

  • Go to Apps
  • Click on the Wordy app
  • Click on the “Pages” tab
  • Click add new 
  • Add a title and select the type of the editor 
  • Copy the liquid code 

2. Paste the liquid code

Now, we want to paste the liquid code copied where you would like the new header image to be displayed. 

  • Click on Online Store
  • Click Actions drop down and select Edit Code 
  • On the left panel click on page.liquid
  • Paste the liquid code copied during step 1. where you want to display the new image

3. Add content 

Now that we have everything setup and integrated, you can go and add the header image to your pages.

  • Navigate to your pages
  • Click on the page you want to add a header image to 
  • Under the menu “More actions” click Wordy 
  • Upload your image and click the Save button 

That it! 
Now if you go to your page, you will see that the image you uploaded is displayed. 

Just repeat Step #3 to as many pages as you would like. 
Repeat all steps if you would like to add brand new fields, remember you can an HTML editor, WYSIWYG editor, files and images.