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May 05, 2020

Yard Bird

Yard Bird

For our readers, could you tell us what Yardbird is as a company and talk a little bit about your products?

At Yardbird we create beautifully designed and engineered products that encourage families to put their phones down, get outside, and have fun. Our products include the Zephyr FLyer Tree Swing, Captain Safety, and Field Day Jump Ropes. All of our products are design-forward and extremely durable.

What’s the story behind Yardbird?

My fondest memories growing up include street-wide games of hide-and-go-seek, kickball, and capture the flag. My family basically lived outside. We knew all our neighbors, and they were our fellow explorers, teammates, opponents and companions.

Now the world is a different place. As parents, we are in constant competition with devices. I created Yardbird because I want to inspire among all families that “free range living” that I grew up with. My career experience working in ecommerce and...

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